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Friday, October 23, 2015

I am the biggest Instagram junkie ever. I spend hours upon hours scrolling through the beautiful images of those individuals I have followed. I also spend hours searching up tags and looking through even more images to find new, exciting and amazing up and coming accounts and bloggers to follow. Over the past several months, it has become clear to me that 5 individuals on my Instagram feed are my favorites of the moment and are the people I come back to when I'm in need of some inspiration or a pick me up. Since I'm always on Instagram my favorites change so often that I don't tend to like doing these posts. But I thought it would be really fun for me to start doing these types of posts so that you ladies (and gents) can follow some new Instagram accounts. It's also going to be really interesting to see how my favorite change over the months and where my style leans more to as time goes on and I get more into the Cosmetics Industry and blogging as a whole. I decided to share 5 of my favorites today to get started and I would love for you to tell me who your 5 favorite Instagrammers are by leaving me a comment down below. I love finding and following me new accounts!

Georgia Rose is by far my #1 favorite Instagrammer of the moment. I've been following Georgia Rose for quite some time now (probably since I started my Instagram) and I even followed her previous on a personal account I used to have. Since I follow so many people on Instagram (around 600 I think) it's sometimes hard to remember each person that I follow. However, that is never hard with Georgia Rose! Her images should speak for themselves and her talent speaks ever louder. Currently she is incorporating lots of Halloween related content into her account and it gives me so much more inspiration and motivation to up my makeup game. She is also doing the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge, which I believe involves posting a makeup look every day for 100 days (correct me if I'm wrong). It's been so fantastic to see the variety of looks she has been able to create and still keep me interested. And can you believe this girl is 21? To me this type of talent is build over years and years of experience and training and trying out products and learning the ropes of makeup (of course this isn't hard now with the invention of YouTube) but to know that this girl is my age and is already doing amazing work like this just gives me the boost of confidence to continue on my makeup journey and reach for the stars. I'm so inspired every single day by Georgia Rose that it only seemed fitting that I share her in this post.

Want to know where I get all my sneak peeks of new products, upcoming launches and much more? Trendmood1 has been delivering me with all the latest content for so long now and I honestly don't know what I would do without this account in my life. Of course, there are other accounts that I follow for these launches but by far Trendmood1 produces the most up to date and unique content related to anything beauty. It's also been nice to see small posts of herself and lifestyle type of posts on her account over the last few months. I love seeing the person behind the account sometimes and it's been really nice to put a face to the account that I have loved for so long. I think many of us love staying on top of what is new and upcoming in the beauty world (of course so that we can adjust our back accounts accordingly) because with the changing trends and the constant pressure to be up to date and blogging and talking about the latest products. Trendmood1 is amazing for being on top of absolutely everything to do with beauty and the beauty related world we all live in.

The beautiful and wonderful Tia is next and I need to give a little personal shout out and love to this girl. Tia is someone I found after randomly searching through some popular posts on Instagram. I instantly followed her account because of her crazy, amazing, unique talent and the work that she produces. Later on, I found out that this lovely girl lives in the same area of Nova Scotia as I do (roughly)! Tia was also one of the very first people that I've ever discovered on Instagram and through blogging that lives so close to me. Since then I have found some more amazing girls in the area but Tia by far is the most unique and the one I still get excited about to this day. Tia produces amazing non-traditional makeup looks (as you can see from the images above) and is always open to going outside the box. Some of my favorite looks have been her tongue prosthetics, where she creates tongue-shaped implants out of various materials like nerds (the candy) and jawbreakers. You can head over to her account to see the beautiful work that she does. Tia definitely inspires me on a whole other level compared to those who do your traditional makeup application. While I love traditional makeup application, Tia really inspires me to go outside of the box and do unique things and try new techniques that I would have never done before! I have a lot of love for Tia and everything about her account and the things that she does but also she is an amazing girl who truly loves what she does and loves sharing her passion with everyone else.

While beauty and makeup related accounts are what I follow on Instagram there was a phase where I loved following planner or journaling related accounts. Over the past few months, I have decided to unfollow some of those accounts recently because they aren't of interest to me anymore. However, pepperandtwine is one of the very few accounts I have decided to continue to follow. While I don't journal regularly I do love following pepperandtwince because of her unique and lovely ideas she places into her journals. not only doing she have such amazing ideas but she posts images every single day of her unique ideas and the way she designs her journal. I love the idea of journalling because it allows me to express my creativity in a way that is private and personal and allows me to write, document and draw whatever I like. Blogging is also a great creative outlet for me to express what I love and do, but journalling is a much different medium. If you are interested in journaling, writing or drawing pepperandtwine is definitely an account that I recommend you follow for some amazing ideas and inspiration for your own journals or planners. 

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful Guilianna! Guilianna is another amazing traditional makeup artist on Instagram that I stumbled upon one day while hunting through the popular posts again. While I say that Guilianna is a traditional makeup artist on Instagram there is also an aspect of her artistry that is completely not traditional and really gets my creative wheels turning. I love that there is such a variety of looks, techniques and images in her account and that I never know what I'm doing to get when looking at her account. Another great aspect of Guilianna's account is that she also has a YouTube Channel (which is linked on her Instagram). On her YouTube Channel, she does fairly short videos (under 5 minutes) where she completes an entire look (or eye look) in one video. Her videos are really great quality and are really easy to follow from the beginner to the advanced level. I'm a huge fan of all of Guilianna's works right from her amazingly beautiful everyday looks to her creative and crazy non-traditional pieces. 

While I have only shared 5 amazing artists in this post I do have to admit that I follow over 600 accounts and it was really hard to just share my top five. So I also decided to share some other links of some more amazing accounts, check them all out below:

Who are your favorite Instagram Accounts?
What is your Instagram Account username/link?
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