Little Beauty Bug is Going Through a REBRAND!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hi Everyone :)
This is going to be a quick update and information post from me today about some changes that you are going to see happening here on my blog within the next couple of weeks! Over the past few weeks it has become really obvious with me that I'm falling out of love with blogging BECAUSE of my actual blog itself. I'm no longer happy with the younger feel that Little Beauty Bug has nor the overall appeal of my blog. I have had time to think about this upcoming process and talk with those individuals who already read my blog and potential readers and I've gotten some great feedback and ideas on how to structure this blog to fit everyone's needs. Therefore, I am going to be taking some time off from blogging and really working on bettering my overall image here in the community. To give you all more information about the process, I will be updating throughout but I wanted to provide you all with a clear overview today of what will be happening:

+ Yes, Little Beauty Bug is going through a COMPLETE rebranding process over the next few weeks
+ This does involve an overall design and layout change AS WELL as a COMPLETE name change. There will be more information to come on the name change and I will be sure to promote the new name so no one get's super confused!
+ I will also be working on my NEW website for offering my Graphic Design Services! I did start a Tumblr 'website' but I'm finding that potential and past clients are finding it harder to use. Thus, I'm going to be creating a space that you can easily find and use!
+ Due to this change and the elements to work on there will be NO posts for approximately 2 - 3 weeks here on Little Beauty Bug.
+ However, I will make up for the lack on content here by being EXTREMELY active on ALL of my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

+ PLEASE stay tuned to this post blog as I will be updating it throughout the next couple of weeks with more detailed information. I will also be posting ANY important information on my social media accounts as well!

I hope you all understand my need to do this process and change things for the better. I hope that you all will stick with me during this time because I can PROMISE you that when I come back this blog will be better, bigger and brighter than ever. Not only is this about creating a new look and a new identity for me here on the internet, but it's also about YOU! I want to be able to bring the best content and the best information to all of you! With this new rebrand and this 'new' blog I will be able to do that 100%!
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