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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Let's be honest, we all like to smell nice. So when the wonderful Canadian Beauty Blogger Network sent out one of their lovely PR e-mails about Demeter Fragrance Library I quickly did the survey and hoped for the best outcome. Just a few short weeks later this package arrived on my doorstep and I freaked out. For those who might not be aware of what Demeter Fragrance Library is, let me example. Unlike many other fragrance companies Demeter is a little bit different, they have over 300 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences ranging from Lavender to Dirt to Pistachio Ice Cream and everything in between. Not only do they have these wonderful and original scents but they have a unique process of using some of these scents called Foolproof Blending. FOOLPROOF Blending sets contain two-three fragrances that are in a single fragrance category. The two-three scents included in the kit you purchase are be mixed and blended together to create your own unique and personal scent experience. This is the process and experience I will be sharing with you today, as well as some of my absolute favorite scents and scent combinations.

Here is a bit more information about FOOLPROOF Blending directly from Demeter Fragrance Library
FOOLPROOF Blending Duo in Jasmine and Lavender + Empty Bottle
FOOLPROOF Blending Trio in Vanilla // Contains Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food and Gingerbread
Let's start out with the two sets that I received. The first one is one of the FOOLPROOF Blending DUO's which comes with two scents and mine were Jasmine and Lavender. When starting out with fragrance blending from Demeter, a duo set is probably one of your best and easiest options. Having a duo allows you to play with just two scents to create a unique fragrance. However, these two scents can be mixed in ANY proportion to create unique and individual scents. For example, say for me scent I wanted more Jasmine than Lavender, all I would have to do is use the empty fragrance bottle sent with your scent and when mixing the two scents just add more Jasmine than Lavender. The same goes for all scents that you are wanting to make. You can also combine these scents on the skin simply by spraying the desired amount of each. I'll talk more about the spray blending method when I get to talking about how I mixed some of my scents.

Demeter Fragrance Library has a ton of DUO's for you to choose from including:
+ Christmas Tree / Sweet Orange
+ Mulled Cider  Egg Nog
+ Apple Pie / Vanilla Cake Batter
+ Pumpkin Pie / Sandalwood
+ Blackberry Pie / Green Tea
+ Chai Tea / Yo Yo Ran
+ Jasmine / Lavender
+ Clean / Skin Sunshine
+ Patchouli / Baby Powder

The second product I received in the box was the FOOLPROOF Blending Trio in Vanilla which includes the scents Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food and Gingerbread. The Blending Trio's take you a bit more in-depth when it comes to blending your perfect fragrance. You can choose to blend two scents or three scents and once again you can do this in any proportion. Sadly, this set does not come with am empty fragrance bottle for you to put your scent in but this does allow you more of a customization option by just simply spraying the scents onto your skin.

Demeter Fragrance Library also has a ton of unique Trio's dedicated for blending which include:
+ Smoke / Incense
+ Water
+ Heavy Floral
+ Wood
+ Clean
+ Light Floral
+ Vanilla
+ Customizable Option // CLICK

The great thing about Demeter Fragrance Library's Trio's is that you aren't restricted. These scents allow you to actually customize your own package. When visiting the website (see link above) you can choose to package together three of your very own scents for your Trio making your fragrance choices 100% unique to YOU! Demeter also released fragrance sets based on the month, so current they have a Blending Trio for January/February. These also have multiple other set's that you can pick from!

FOOLPROOF Blending Combination of Jasmine and Hawaiian Vanilla
So now on to the fun part. It's time to get down to business and mix your fragrances and create something beautiful, delicious and unique. This was really hard for me to do because I don't have a keen nose for fragrances and I'm not really sure what all this 'note' jazz is about so for me this was really about winging it and creating a fragrance I liked. Which to be honest, was the best way to create something that I knew was for me. One of my first combinations was Jasmine and Hawaiian Vanilla, I choose these two scents because Jasmine is more of an over-powering scent. Right away you can smell Jasmine and know exactly what the scent is. Whereas Hawaiian Vanilla is a more light scent that is harder to detect. I started out with one spray of each onto the skin and quickly realized that the Jasmine was all I could smell. I sprayed about three additional sprays of the Hawaiian Vanilla until I could detect a hint of the tropical Vanilla scent. These two fragrances worked beautiful paired together, but I couldn't help but notice the scent of Jasmine the most. I don't know if these would be something I would pair together again because of the heavy and light fragrance choices but they were beautiful wore all throughout the day.

FOOLPROOF Blending Combination of Gingerbread and Hawaiian Vanilla
The second scent combination I decided to try was Gingerbread and Hawaiian Vanilla. I chose this combination because in the last blending I feel like I didn't get the full impact of the Hawaiian Vanilla scent because of the over-powering Jasmine. When combining the Hawaiian Vanilla with the Gingerbread I decided to use one spray onto the skin of both scents and it was magical upon first sniff. At first, I honestly thought I smelt like a Gingerbread Cookie which I was completely okay with but after letting the scents sit on my skin and mingle together I was able to get this lovely warm cinnamon (gingerbread) type of scent with undertones of a tropical vanilla. This scent combination was beautiful together and something I would wear every single day for the winter time and the best part is I actually wore this scent to the gym and got faint scents of the smell the entire time I was there. This scent made me feel really girly and clean but was really refreshing and a pleasure to the nose. I'm a huge fan of this mixture and it's absolutely something I'm going to be mixing again.

My scent blending experience was absolutely the best it could have ever been and I'm so thankful to the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network and especially Demeter Fragrance Library for sending and allowing me to try such a unique process. I'm so excited to continue on the fragrance blending journey with Demeter by continuing to mix the wonderful scents I have now and also by purchasing my very own to mix. I think many people get lost in the hype of a branded perfume like Flower Bomb by Ralph Lauren and other wonderful and amazing scents. But I think for me fragrance has a deeper meaning and that's why I love Demeter Fragrance Library so much. I love having my own unique personality so why shouldn't my scent and fragrance be the exact same way. I also love the idea that I could spend hours, days and months mixing fragrances to find the exact perfect one for me and then in a few short weeks that could be a fragrance I find isn't quite right so I keep searching. Demeter Fragrance Library has come up with such a unique and wonderful way to play in the beauty industry and they have got me totally hooked on them and their products!

Have you tried the FOOLPROOF Blending from Demeter Fragrance Library?
Which scents that I've talked about would you mix together?

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** PR Samples were provided by Demeter Fragrance Library via the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network!

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