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Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's LAUNCH day!
If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you probably don't follow me on Twitter or in my Facebook Group! Over the past few weeks, I've been raving about my BRAND NEW Premade Template Shop that is well, opening TODAY! Krystal Marie Design Studio has been undergoing some changes in the beginning of 2016 and this is one of the biggest ones. I've had a huge amount of people request for me to start making Premade Template Designs! Before today, I have only offered custom designs of websites, branding and so forth. Having Premade Templates is going to allow me to cater to a whole new market of bloggers who simply put, don't want to spend $50 or more on a custom design. Today I decided to share with you all you some of the templates I am offering:

One of the first Templates that you will find in my brand new Template shop will be this one. I wanted to create something basic, monochrome and that would accent a lot of blogs and bloggers out there. Some people don't want a lot of color and love the simplicity of this design. It also has a functional two-column design, uniquely designed header, top navigation bar and many other unique designs that make this layout perfect for someone just starting out with blogging or someone just looking for a refresh on their blog.

The second Template I want to talk about and my personal favorite is the beautiful Sparkle & Glitter Template which obviously features a two grid-style design. This design doesn't come with a sidebar, which is the first important thing to note. I decided to create this Premade Template as a template to show off all the beautiful posts you have created on your blog. I've also included a uniquely designed header image, top navigation bar and even an accessible blog footer where you can store all of your social media icons and important information. Parts of your blog footer can also be moved under your header image but above your posts for even easier access. This template can once again be used for those just starting out in blogging and those more advanced, but some HTML and CSS knowledge might be required to use the template. Although I am happy to answer questions!

So now that you have seen some of my favorite designs that will be featured in my Premade Template Shop it's now time to tell you some important information about the shop that I really want you ladies and gents to know.

1) Add On's can be made to the Premade Templates but will require an additional cost!
2) Colors, fonts and small alterations may be made to the Premade Templates (additional cost may apply)!
3) NEW Premade Templates will be launching monthly (or weekly) depending on my current schedule!
4) JOIN my Facebook Group for exclusive updates, discounts, sales and to have your say on what you want to see in my next Premade or to order custom Premade Templates.
5) Payment for ALL services is made via PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to purchase a design!
6) Each Premade Template will vary in cost, but will cost considerably less than Custom Designs!

More information on Premade Template Add On's can be found HERE!
Premade Templates can be ordered HERE!


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