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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring has sprung! With the new season upon us, that means I'm using this time of year to try new techniques, colors, formulas and products. Spring really allows me to feel refreshed and not so boxed in when it comes to many aspects of my life, including with my makeup and beauty routine. With the changing season I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the older products that I always reach for this time of year combined with some brand new products that I've been really loving and would work perfectly in your Spring makeup routine.

Spring for me means that I'm finally about to pull some colors that are bold and in your face that compliment the beautiful weather and springtime feeling. I also love dewy natural skin and lots of highlighter and sparkle in all aspects of my makeup applications. Many of my products will reflect these traits and are classic products that you can not only use just in the Spring but in every season combine with the right product.

As we get further into the warmer weather I don't want to be wearing a heavy layer of foundation, concealer and powder. Opting for a more lightweight foundation is how I like to improve my beauty routine this time of year. This year, I'll be using the new L'OReal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation which you've all heard me rave about what seems like a thousand times. I'm pretty sure I'm already running out of this product but it's one I will constantly be keeping on hand this time of year. If you want something with medium to full coverage, that's lightweight and gives your skin a skin like appearance I highly recommend this product.

When it comes to highlighter I'm all about a natural glowing from within highlight. I don't want to use a powder or cream product that looks like its sitting on my skin and isn't blended in properly. I also don't want to use straight up glitter in those areas either. The Physicians Formula Powder Palette in Translucent Pearl is the perfect option for me in the Springtime when I want a hint of glow and I want it look natural. This product is a translucent formula but has micro shimmer and glitter. I apply this light to the face and then blend it in with a larger brush to really give the appear that the glow and highlight is from within my skin not sitting on top of my skin. This gives the perfect healthy look for Spring.

To continue on with a natural complexion I love using my Clinique Cheek Pop in Heather Pop. This product has made it into this post because of the formula. While this seems like a powder product when applied to the skin it really doesn't have a power appearance at all. I use a Real Technique Stippling Brush to press this product into the skin and once again it leaves me with the appearance of a blushing from within look. I love how this pairs with both my L'OReal Foundation and Physicians Formula highlighter. Another great thing is while this product isn't a cream, it has the staying power of a cream and lasts anywhere between 8 - 10 hours on my skin if I've used the right products in combination with it.

When it comes to eyeshadow for the Spring anything with shimmer and shine is completely okay with me. One of my favorite product for this effect and for the looks that it can produce and the colors in the product is the Essence All About Sunrise Palette. This palette contains all shimmer and satin finish shades and ranges from a pretty champagne to a bright gold and a deep chocolate brown. You can create a very natural look with this palette or add in that pop of gold or tangerine to create a really classic Springtime look. However, I do wish this palette had one matte shade or a shade that was suited for a transition shade. Adding this item would make this a complete palette and look for me.

Another great palette that I love for Spring and also has lots of sparkle, is the beautiful Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Made for Mauve. While I love gold and tangerine tones if the previous palette I also love light pinks, olive greens and deep burgundy's for this time of year. The best part about this little palette is I don't feel like I need to include a matte color to get the perfect look with this palette. Even though this palette only has four shades I also find it very versatile and it's about to create some really pretty and unique looks.

And finally to finish off this round-up of products it's only fair that I include my favorite Spring lip product. One of my classic Springtime products that I would never live without are my Revlon Lip Butters. I own about 12 shades of these but there are only a few that I reach for this time of year. Pink Lemonade is a simple warm pale baby pink shade and gives the lips the perfect hint of pink without being overpowering. Cotton Candy is the next step up and is more of a cool toned bright pink shade that gives the perfect amount of pink to the lips again without being overpowering. Finally, Juicy Papaya is a bright orange coral shade and is one of my favorite coral lipsticks. I love that this color isn't too intense on the lips but gives me a healthy look.

Spring is really one of my absolute favorite times of the year. Not only does it mean Winter is ending but it also leaves me with a new love for the products that I have sitting in my makeup collection. While I've only shared 6 products with you today there are SO many more that I love for this time of year and I'm sure as the months continue I will find even more that I love.

What are your favorite Springtime beauty products?
What is your favorite season to try new makeup?

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*** All products featured were purchased with my own money!


  1. Love the review ! Wow your photography skills are on point !!! What camera do you use !! Lovely post Hun !

    Love Nat xxx

    1. Thanks for such a wonderful comment Nat :)
      Currently I'm using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and I'm actually producing a photography series that will launch over on my new website:

      - Krystal

  2. I love Essence!! They have great and affordable products! :)

    1. Essence is by far my favorite budget friendly brand. The quality of their products should have a WAY higher price point but I'm happy they keep it low :)

      - Krystal

  3. Totally agree with the Revlon lip butters - they're the best!

    I've been meaning to try the Lumi Cushion Foundation but have yet to justify the price.. It's just too much for a drugstore foundation!

    Maria | Pink Petals

    1. I reach for the Lip Butters every time Spring rolls around they are just perfect.

      As far as the foundation I got mine on a deal and got it $4 off which allowed me to justify it. I've loved it ever since and I am 100% if you find the right shade you will fall in love with it too :)

      - Krystal


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