Project Pan // Finish 20 by July 1st!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

One of my biggest goals this year has been to condense my makeup collection and start using up products in my collection and throwing one's away I will never use. If you've seen my Makeup Inventory post then you would know more about why I'm wanting to do this and would have already gained a peek inside my current collection of products. Since doing that post, I decided to start downsizing my collection starting with doing a Project Pan Challenge. These challenges are wildly popular on YouTube and some of my favorite ladies to watch are GlamourWithGrace, ShadowSmoked88 and TheKristenKayChannel. These are just a few of my favorites who consistently post amazing Project Pan Challenges and have inspired me to start my own Project Pan Challenge here on Embrace & Ignite.

Here is a little bit more information on how this challenge is going to work. This Project Pan will start on April 1st and will end on July 1st. I've chosen 20 items including makeup and skincare products that in those three months I would like to use up completely. I've also included both full-size items as well as deluxe-size and mini-size items to have a good balance and to keep me feeling motivated throughout the challenge. Each month I will report on how much progress I've made as well as include images to show this progress. I'll also include my thoughts on the products based on the progress I've made. Since I've chosen 20 products these posts might get a bit long, but I'm hoping to keep my thoughts condensed and easy to read for those who want to follow along.

If you are currently doing a Project Pan Challenge either on your blog or YouTube please leave you links in the comments below. I would love to support you in using up your products and I would love for us to encourage each other.

The first couple of skincare products I've decided to include in this challenge are one's that I reviewed and raved about a few weeks about. I'm talking about the L'OReal Hydra-Total 5 line. The reason I'm wanting to use these products up is because I love them and I'm neglecting others in my collection because of them. Once I've finished these, I will be able to focus on others and work through those and then repurchase this wonderful L'Oreal line.

L'OReal Hydra-Total 5 Micellar Water*
200 ml retails for $8.47
For this product, I've used about half of it with the current line of product sitting just under the 'Micellar Water / Eau Micellarire text. I generally use this product on four cotton rounds to remove my eye and face makeup and one days when I'm not wearing makeup I use 2 cotton rounds with this product to clean bacteria and dirt from my face. I don't see this product taking me more than a month to use up completely if not sooner.

L'OReal Hydra-Total 5 Toner*
200ml retails for $8.47
For the Toner and by far my favorite product I've actually used the least amount. I don't find that I need a lot of product when using this and so I only use two cotton rounds and run this over my face as a second step to removing my makeup but to also aid in my skincare routine. I've used about 1.5 cm of this product (yes, I actually measured) so I'm really not seeing as much progress as with the Micellar Water but I do want to continue to use this product and see further progress.

L'OReal Hydra-Total 5 Moisturizer*
50ml retails for $12.97
As for the Moisturizer, I feel like there has been really great progress in this product as well. I've tried my best to push all the product to one side of the container and it appears there is still about 50% of this product left. I generally only use this Moisturizer at night because I do find it very thick but also very effective. I can't see this product taking me long to finish either if I'm really using it every single night.

Lancome BI-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover*
1.7 oz // Full size is 4.2 oz and retails for $36.50
I received a small little deluxe-size sample of this product from a wonderful little goodie bag I won from the talented Dave Lackie. I used this for a while and then stopped because I didn't like the oily feeling it left on my skin. I only have about one use left so this is a gimmie product and something that needs to just go because I'm preferring using Micellar Water over these more oil-based removers.

ELF Makeup Mist & Set
60 ml and retails for $3
For the last year or so the ELF Makeup Mist and Set has been my go-to setting spray in my collection because I loved the way it felt and how it kept my makeup on all day. However, I recently purchased the MAC Fix+ and many of you know I've been loving that product. So I decided that it's time to work through my FULL Makeup Mist and Set by ELF! This isn't a fairly huge bottle of product, but since it is brand new and never been used I'm hoping that I can finish a good portion of this and use it all up if possible!

Current progress is marked with black lines using sharpie!
Makeup Forever HD High Definition Primer
30ml but is discontinued
Sadly this product is discontinued by I managed to snag mine from Winners for $13 and I wanted to put it in this challenge because you can no longer purchase it. I do really love this primer and I wish they still made it. I've used this product about a dozen times and there is about 1 cm of product gone (again I measured) and if I continue to use this product consistently I should be able to finish this up by the end of the challenge.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
0.16 oz // Full-size is 3.9 oz and retails for $37
I grabbed this sample about a month ago when I purchased my Tartelette Palette as a 100 point perk from Sephora and I've honestly just neglected it because I'm worried it won't work. I've used a little less than half of it as setting spray and noticed really no difference in the lasting power of my makeup both when used underneath and over my makeup. I'm really just wanted to use this product and move on.

Benefit POREfessional Face Primer*
0.10 oz // Full-size is 0.75 oz and retails for $39
I received a little mini-sample of this product from Top Box and then my aunt gave me her sample so I technically have two of these to use up. I'm not enjoying this primer to be honest but I want to test it out with some other foundations before giving my final thoughts. I can tell you I love the scent of this, though. I've used this about 3 times and still have about half this little sample to finish yet.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer
0.30 oz retails for $10 (ish)
This has been one of my favorite eye primers for over a year now but this one is starting to get old and hard in the tube and so it's time I concentrate on it and use it up. I'm about halfway gone with this product as well and it's one of those that I find just keeps on going and going so I think I'm going to find this hard to use up. Also, because my eyelids have been drier lately and this product tends to accentuate that I haven't been reaching for this one as much.

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer
0.17 oz // Full-size is  oz and retails for $5.96
Another one of my favorite eyeshadows primers and quite a bit cheaper than the Milani is this one from Hard Candy. I prefer to use this product when my eyelids are drier. Because I have a mini-sample size and the full-size product I really want to use this one up and start on the full-size item. I've only used about 1 cm of this product but I've used this one way more than the Milani one and feel like I use this all the time in comparison.

Current progress is marked with lines using sharpie!
Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in 905
30 ml retails for $12.97
This is one of my favorite foundation, however, this shade is a bit light for my skin tone and I've had it longer than all the others in my collection. I'm just wanting to use this product up so that I can purchase something else to try in the future. I'm about 1 cm from the top of this product and I've used it probably 10 - 15 times so I shouldn't have trouble finishing this product up.

Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in 910
30 ml retails for $12.97
While the previous shade was too light for me this shade is too yellow for my skin tone but paired together they work perfectly. However, I've used this product up completely and am left to scrap the bottom and the sides of the container to get the rest of the product out. I don't see this taking me more than a few weeks to use up combined with the 905 shade.

Maybelline Master Conceal in Fair
12 ml retails for $9.96
I want to start by saying I am not a fan of this product at all. I've used it both under the eyes and on pigmentation spots on the face and it's been super dry and cakey and flakes throughout the day. I only have about 2 cm of this product left to use and I'm dreading every minute of it. However, since I purchased this I want to use it up but this is probably the one product in this challenge that I'm going to struggle with.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Light
0.2 oz retails for $10.96
Another concealer that I'm not in love with is the Age Rewind by Maybelline. I really enjoyed this when I first started out with makeup but now that my skin has changed so have my opinions towards this concealer. This is another one I'm just wanting to work and get out of my collection. I'm a little less than halfway done with this product and hopefully, with consistent use, it shouldn't take long to finish.

NYX Powder Blush in Taupe
0.14 oz and is discontinued
This product has been living in my collection for a really long time and I've used a huge amount of it. I'm left with just a small amount and I've already hit major pan on this product. I loved this when I first purchased it and it has been my go-to bronzer/contour shade since but it's getting really old and the formula isn't working like it should be so I'm wanting to use as much as I can before this product can't be used at all anymore.

Current progress is marked with lines using sharpie!
LA Color Jumbo Eye Pencil in Seashells
0.13 oz retails for $3 (ish)
For so many years I've used a white jumbo eye pencil as a second step in my eyeshadow base routine. I've switched between this one and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk for so long and because I have back up's of both I really want to use them up. I choose the LA Colors for this challenge because this one is quite a bit older than the NYX and because my eyelids are dry I want to use this more creamy formula. I have about 6 cm of this product left and I am tracking it on a piece of paper for me to refer back to.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool
0.14 oz retails for $6.96
I used to own about 15 Color Tattoo's and over the years they have dried out and I've had to throw many away. One that has stuck around is the shade in Too Cool but it's really started to dry out and get gross so I'm really wanting to use this. I mixed this up and pushed all of the product to one side and have about half of this left to use. I choose this because I already had a matte white in this project and thought having a more shimmery color would be a good asset.

Joe Fresh Eye Shadow in Smoke
0.08 oz and is discontinued
I believe this product has been long since discontinued and I purchased mine for $1 at my local grocery store that sells Joe Fresh products. I used this for the longest time as my crease and transition color and then loved it so much I stopped using it. I've made really good progress in this and it's the eyeshadow I've worn down the most so I wanted to include it in this project to see how much I can use of it. I certainly don't see me finishing the product but I want to make progress.

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss in Magic (LE)
0.05 oz // Full-size is 0.27 and retails for $23
I purchased this product back on Black Friday of 2015 in one of those little Tarte set's that come out with around that time. I've used this maybe once but other then that I've just saved it and not wanted to use it. Since this is a mini-sample size of the product and I've been loving glosses lately I decided to throw this in the project. This is more of a coral gloss which I think will pair nicely for this Spring.

Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Love at First Sight
0.07 oz // Full-size is 0.2 oz and retails for $21
While the previous gloss is more coral, I also wanted to include a more pink gloss so I choose this one from Clinique. I purchase this in there Pretty Wow, Pretty Now set they released over the holidays. I've loved many things out of that set but I honestly, haven't tried the lip gloss. I don't wear a whole lot of lip gloss but since this is a mini-sample I thought I would throw this in and use it up.

Current progress is marked with lines using sharpie!
So there you have it! All 20 product that I really want to use up within the next three months. I know this is a huge challenge to start out with but I really wanted to make this challenge something to strive for. Of course, I will be using other products in addition to these but I want to mainly focus on these 20 items. Each week, I'm going to try to do a Weekly Makeup Basket (or at least do it every two weeks) to rotate in other products that I want to focus on and can use with these Project Pan items. Let me know if you would like to see those items as well! I'm so excited to get this challenge started and I'm hoping you all will follow along with my progress and push me to get as many items finished as possible.

Are you currently doing a Project Pan?
Have you ever done a Project Pan?
What are your thoughts?

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*** Products marked with an asterisk were sent to me for consideration as PR samples!


  1. This is a brilliant idea to do, I find it so diffucult to use a product completely as I always rotate the products I am using!


    1. I also find it extremely difficult to use products. For example, I have five moisturizers and instead of using one at a time I rotate them and use all five. Thus, I can never really focus on using one product up. I think doing this Project Pan will allow me to focus on these products and then rotate in others.

      - Krystal

  2. I love all three ladies that you mentioned above. Amber F is another great project panner & has some thought provoking videos about why people collect makeup & wanting to work through what we have. I'd highly recommend checking her out if you haven't already. You've chosen some great products. I love that you've included both makeup & skincare items. A brave decision to pick two eyeshadow primers & a colour tattoo. Good luck! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I've never heard of Amber F before, or at least not to my knowledge. I will have to go and take a look for her channel. Thank you for your support! Sadly I've had to remove some of the products simply because they no longer work and are just plain gross but I will talk more about that in the update the beginning of May!

      - Krystal


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