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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Over the last couple of months, one of the brands you've seen pop up a lot here on Embrace and Ignite is Essence Cosmetics. Are you sick of it yet? Because I have a lot of Essence love to come!

Essence Cosmetics is a super affordable and high-quality brand and they are really my go-to brand in the drugstore. I can absolutely say that 100% of the products I have tried from Essence Cosmetics I have loved and in the future, I continue to see myself using and loving their products. Everything from their lipsticks to blushes to eye shadows, liners and everything in-between has gotten me completely hooked on the brand.

With my ever growing makeup collection, one of the things I don't purchase and I don't really use has to be gloss. I don't like the sticky feeling, the need to reapply throughout the day and just the overall inconvenience of getting my hair stuck to my lips. I've always simply opted for a more sheer or cream finish lipstick formula.

So when the Essence XXXL Lipglosses came along, I didn't have high hopes and I didn't think they would change my mind on how I felt about glosses. Well, I was wrong. I'm here today to give you a review of the XXXL Lipglosses and also tell you why these have become a staple in my collection.

Let's start off by talking about the variety of formulas that the XXXL Lipglosses comes in, because there are several. However, when you head over to the Essence Cosmetics website online to Shine formula is represented, so I suggest heading down to your local Shoppers or Target to find the other formulas.

XXXL Shine Lipgloss
Are you a girl who likes a little bit of gloss and a little bit of glitter? If so, the XXXL Shine formula is the perfect one for you. This formula is a beautiful lightweight texture and beautiful gloss that contains lots of glossy effects with a small amount of glitter to catch the light, plump the lips and give you the perfect glossy look.

XXXL Nude Lipgloss
How about something more simple and barely there? The Nude collection would be perfect. The shades I've been able to try are also lightweight in texture and provide a beautiful amount of gloss. I find these to be really lovely to pair with any lipstick and to be completely mirror free in application because of the light pigmentation.

XXXL Long Lasting Lipgloss
And how about you ladies who want a little bit more pigmented. Then the Long Lasting formula is the one for you. Once again, these are a beautiful lightweight texture and provide a beautiful amount of shine without going too overboard. I do have to say those, they aren't that long lasting and really don't last any longer than the previous two formulas.

XXXL Long Lasting Lipgloss (Matte)
Matte finishes are everywhere right now! So if you're looking for the perfect matte lip product that isn't going to dry out your lips, crack or flake off than this formula is perfect for you. This again is lightweight and beautiful and does provide a matte finish. The one thing I do notice about this formula is that while they dry matte they don't dry to a flat matte formula and instead provide a natural, comfortable matte feeling and appearance.

And now, let's talk about the shades that I've been able to try:

XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Cute Pink
One of the best glosses is one with barely (or no) color and contains a little bit of sparkle. I find these types of shades the easiest to use with ANY lipstick or lip color. The shade in Cute Pink is the perfect shade for this type of use.

XXXL  Lipgloss Nude in Just Nude!
This is quite an odd shade for me as far as lipgloss shades are concerned. I find this shade to be a light orange or yellow, depending on the light you are in. I find this color mixes with lipstick and can throw the color off slightly but paired with the right products (or even on its own) it can be really beautiful.

XXXL  Lipgloss Nude in Shy Beauty
Another shade that I love for lipglosses is a milky pink. These shades also pair really well with most lipsticks and create a beautiful finish. I do find this alters lipstick colors, but for those that are slightly too dark of a nude for me turn to a perfect color when I wear this lipgloss with them.

XXXL Long Lasting  Lipgloss in Very Berry
For those warm Summer days, I love wearing a gloss on its own that contains some great pigmentation. The shade in Very Berry is the perfect bright summer pink that is going to give you the glossy and pretty look you're desiring for Summer. This is one I keep reaching for for easy, quick and a beautiful application.

XXXL Long Lasting  Lipgloss in Colour Party
Another great gloss to wear all on its own is the shade in Color Party. This is a beautiful bright color shade that leans on the red side. It's a beautiful just bitten type of color and is perfect again for that easy, quick and beautiful application.

XXXL Matte  Lipgloss in Silky Red
Silky Red is the perfect name for this shade. The formula is silky and the color is a beautiful true red shade (and could lean slightly warm in certain lights). I do have to say this shade is a high maintenance one and something you are going to need to spend some time applying and reapplying. But so worth it!

There are so many reasons that I love these glosses. As you can tell the glosses come in a large variety of formulas and that makes them really suitable for all types of girls who wear gloss. The other really great thing I love is the color range. They have everything from clear to nude to bright pinks and matte reds. There is really something for everyone.

The formula is also something to rave about. You are going to notice when you first apply or swatch these they are sticky but keep applying. I find these glosses are one's that really require the heat of your lips to thin the product and make them lightweight and comfortable. And it's worth every little bit of discomfort you experienced in the first two minutes of application.

So there you have it. Another rave review of another Essence Cosmetics product. I'm telling you, everything that I have tried from the brand is a serious hit and if you are in the drugstore I encourage you to take a look at their product range and pick one of two items up. And what's even better is that most products range from $2 to about $5 bucks so that makes the excuse even bigger to purchase something!

Have you tried these Essence Lipglosses?
If so, what are your thoughts?
What are other Essence products that you love?

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** Products were sent to me for consideration for review here on Embrace & Ignite!


  1. I haven't worn lip gloss for years! I've been seeing and hearing so much about Essence Cosmetics so I definitely have to give them a try. I love the range of colours they have, especially the Silky Red!

    Leanne x
    Latté Leanne | Bloglovin'

  2. I love Essence and I purchased last year an XXXL Longlasting lip gloss. I love it but I don't reach for it that often, there has been so much hype on matte lips recently and I forgot all about these! Great review!



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