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Saturday, June 18, 2016

When I first started my blog over 2 years ago, the main focus was to bring reviews, demonstrations and swatches of budget beauty products to my audience. This since has changed and now I have a variety of products on my blog with a variety of price ranges and availability. There are no rules in the beauty industry and there are no rules here on Embrace & Ignite either.

For today's post, I'm going back in time and sharing a post with you all about my favorite budget-friendly products. Specifically, products under $5 that are readily available to the general public in local drugstores or online resources.

Because let's be honest, we all want a good deal!

At least three to four times a week you can probably find me in the makeup aisles at any of my local drugstore or department stores. I'm constantly on the look-out for new drugstore products and the latest and great things coming to the drugstore. But while doing that, I know there are also tons of products at the drugstore that area truely hidden gems and that I think everyone should try at least some point in their makeup journey.

So grab your five dollar bills and get ready to go shopping. 

Here are my favorite makeup products under five bucks and worth every cent:

NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder
In the past, I have used translucent powder just for the use of setting my cream products (such as concealer and foundation) in place. However, I've been reaching for the NYC Smooth Skin Powder lately because while this product is translucent I find it allows me to have a bit more coverage on days where I'm only wearing a medium coverage foundation. I also find this powder extremely smooth and soft. In saying that, this can build up and become quite noticeable. To combat this I recommend taking a large fluffy brush or a flat top powder brush and really buffing the product into the skin.

ELF Studio Tone Correcting Pressed Powder
Color correcting has been one of the hottest trends in beauty right now and even I've jumped on the bandwagon and experimented with the trend. A very subtle way to this trend is by using something like the ELF Tone Correcting Powder. This powder is fairly translucent in color but does have some color shift to it. For me, I find this powder is finely milled and I'm able to buff the product into my skin to reduce some of the discoloration within my complexion. While the difference isn't huge, I have noticed a color correcting difference when wearing this powder compared to regular powder compacts.

Jordana Powder Blushes
One of my absolute favorite discoveries in makeup has been the Jordana Blushes. I purchased mine way back when Cherry Culture used to exist and sell other makeup brands. I never thought that this would be the start to a blush addiction. I currently own 5 or 6 shades of this formula and find them extremely easy to apply with a number of different brushes. They are also very pigmented but can be sheered out or built up to the desirable effect you are looking for. And there is a shade in this range for everybody!

Wet N Wild Color Icon Blushes
Sometimes Jordana products can be a little bit hard to find so a very close second favorite to those would be the beautiful Wet N Wild Color Icon Blushes. These have recently been repackaged and several new beautiful shades have been released. These come in a variety of finishes and are smooth, soft, pigmented and absolutely beautiful when applied. I do find that you NEED to have a very light hand when using these products because they are so pigmented.

Shades Include: Pearlescent Pink and Heather Silk
ELF Studio Bronzers
Bronzer is totally not my thing and if I do bronzer I like to use something with a light but buildable pigmentation so I don't go overboard. The ELF Studio Bronzers are absolutely fan-freaking-tastic and they contain four shades all in one compact. These shades make it really easy to create a custom bronze color for your skin or swirl the colors all together and get a sunkissed bronze appearance.

ELF Studio Baked Blush in Pinktastic
Before I ever knew what highlight was I purchased this lovely ELF Baked Blush and ever since I've been in love. When I first got this I used it with some setting spray as an eyeshadow but as the highlighter trend evolved this was what I used. I love this for a natural highlighted look and it blends into the skin absolutely beautifully. Not to mention, it's the perfect color for my fair skin.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Collection Palettes
Whenever someone shares an affordable makeup post they always include the Color Icon Palettes. I'm no exception. I recently pulled these back out of my collection to use. They are absolutely as dreamy as I remember them. They have some kickass pigmentation, are smooth and apply like butter. Not to mention they don't smear, smudge or flake when paired with the right eyeshadow base. And for under $5 you really can't go wrong with these.

LA Colors Graphix Eyeliner
Many of you might know that I'm not a fan of liquid eyeliner because I can't see it enough to apply it and I make a darn mess. Well, I've found a hidden gem at the drugstore that I actually do like and think is absolutely worth the money. The LA Colors Graphix Eyeliner comes with a sturdy felt tip style brush which is really easy to use. Because of the shape of the bottle as well it does help clean the brush off so you aren't getting messy when applying this product. All of the shades that I have tried have been pigmented, semi-matte to matte in finish and wear for 10+ hours within flaking or smudging.

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks
Many of you might be familiar with the Mega Last Lipsticks from Wet N Wild and might be shocked they are included in this post. I actually really dislike that formula and have decluttered all of them from my collection. Instead, I've been loving the Silk Finish Lipsticks from Wet N Wild. They have a great color range along with a creamy and pigmented formula. Not to mention they only retail for around 99 cents!!!

NYC Get It All Lipstick
The other lipstick that I've really been loving are the newly released NYC Get It All Lipsticks. I find these to be quite similar to the WNW Mega Last Lipsticks that I don't like, except these are much more creamy. These have a great semi-matte to matte formula and they are pigmented in one swipe. I only own two shades of this line currently because they do have a limited selection of lighter shades and pink shade. So if you love berry tones and darker lipsticks I think you could find something you love within this range.

Maybelline Baby Lips
And of course, I couldn't leave out my amazing Baby Lips. There are some mixed opinions on these but I own about 15 shades and I love each and every one of them. Most of the time you can find these sitting right on my vanity or hiding at the bottom of my purse. I love the sheer lightweight formula of these and I especially love them on hot summer days when my lips start to get dry and cracked. These give a great (but short) burst of hydration and beautiful shiny color. And over the last couple of years, Maybelline has released some amazing new colors, formulas and collections that I have been able to enjoy just as much as the original range.

I know right now you have a $5 bill sitting in your wallet or where ever you keep your money. I highly recommend taking it and using it to purchase one of these fantastic products. You won't be disappointed with your selection and you will have something new and affordable to share with your friends, family or co-workers. Whatever you makeup needs are I guarantee that you will be able to find something you love in this selection of products.

What is your favorite drugstore product?
What is your favorite affordable drugstore product?

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*** All products featured in this post were purchased by ME!


  1. Wet n Wild and Jordana are two brands I always enjoy cause their products are really affordable. Too bad I have to order both of them online, I would love to swatch some of their products before purchasing them.


  2. Wet n Wild and Jordana are two brands I always enjoy cause their products are really affordable. Too bad I have to order both of them online, I would love to swatch some of their products before purchasing them.


  3. I too love the WnW colour icon palettes. So fun and such a great value.

  4. Love this post! I'm definitely going to look for the ELF Studio Tone Correcting Pressed Powder and give it a try :)

  5. I love affordable posts like these! I also have some ELF blushes and bronzers and they work amazingly well!


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