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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Can you have too many lipsticks?

My parents, friends and entire family would tell me yes but for a girl with a makeup obsession and a career as a Makeup Artist the answer is always no. Over the years I have collected hundreds of lipsticks and many of them have come and gone as my tastes change and as the products got used up. However, there seems to be a trend of nude lipsticks that like to hang around in my collection or that get repurchased most often by me. Today I thought it would be fun to dig through my lipstick collection - all 112 of them - and find my favorite stand out nude lipsticks.

As I was preparing for this post, it was really obvious to me that I actually own too many lip products so this turned into a little declutter as well. I also noticed that when I was reaching for standout nude lipsticks that I reached for a lot more than I anticipated I would. After doing the initial dig through my collection, I then decided to narrow the pile down and only feature my five favorite nude lipsticks from the drugstore!

Let's jump right into it!

Let's start with one from my favorite brand...

Essence Cosmetics Long Lasting Lipstick in Nude Love
Retails for $3.49 // Purchase HERE!

This wouldn't be a favorite post if I didn't share something from Essence Cosmetics, right?

From the Long Lasting Lipstick line within Essence, the first shade I ever tried was called Nude Love and it quickly became one of my favorites. The color of this lipstick is probably the thing that stands out the most to me right now because it is more of the concealer nude shade which can be flattering on some and not on others. I particularly like this shade on myself when I'm pale in the Winter because it has some slight brown undertones that pick up really well with my complexion. For the Summertime, I like to mix this shade with other lipsticks and lip glosses so that it doesn't wash me out so bad.

When I know I'm going to be spending a long day out and needing to reapply my lipstick often this is the shade/range I'm reaching for most often. This particular shade is  hydrating, creamy, and has a beautiful finish on the lips. Not to mention when you need to reapply this shade you don't have to worry about the previous layout of product caking up on the lips and in the lip lines.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush
Retails for $7.96 // Purchase here!

Hands down my absolute favorite nude lipstick ever is from the Maybelline Color Whisper line and is the shade in Lust for Blush. To my most recent knowledge, these products have sadly been discontinued but I have found that the products can be purchased through the WalMart website and I highly recommend you grab the shade in Lust for Blush as well as any other shade that catches your attention. So while this product might be hard to get your hands on I still wanted to mention it because it is a huge favorite of mine and will continue to be until I've found something similar in shade and formula.

The formula on these is quite different and is more of a gel-based lipstick formula and when these first released they were compared to the Revlon Lip Butters. In my opinion, the two formula's are completely different but it was the sheer lipstick concept that made these two lines similar. However, when it comes to the Maybelline Color Whispers I actually think these pack more of a punch - while they can be sheer, they can also be build up to create some really pretty opaque colors on the lips. Of course, the darker shades are going to play better to this but even the shade in Lust for Blush has amazing pigmentation on the lips.

If you are looking for something hydrating, comfortable, easy to apply without a mirror and that is going to look creamy and fresh on the lips I highly recommend checking these out and purchasing some before supplies run out! I'm currently still on the hunt for more of the shade Lust for Blush despite having two back-ups already, that's how much I love and wear this shade!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in #45
Retails for $6.98 // Purchase here!

When you're at the drugstore is there ever that one line of lipsticks that just catches your eye?

For me, that's the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate and specifically the ones in the beautiful blush nude packaging with the silver accents. This package screams girly, classic and pretty to me and despite having all of the shades within the range that suit my complexion I still have to swatch and test them when I'm in stores. Currently, this range has fives shades here in Canada and today I'm going to be talking about #45!

The shade in #45 is the absolute perfect nude shade for me and within this entire range of lipstick is the one that leans the most pink but still has those nude brown undertones. This particular shade is right in-between the previous two lipsticks shades I shared with you and the next two lipsticks I'm going to share. It does contain a fair amount of pink undertones but it also is a very brown nude shade which helps to neutralize it being too pink. This makes it completely versatile for anyone to wear and love. I've always loved the Lasting Finish Lipsticks from Rimmel London because of their hydrating, comfortable and stay-in-place formula. Of all the lipsticks I'm sharing today I find this formula to have the ability to stay inside your lip lines the most without the use of lip liners and other products.

When it comes to drugstore lipsticks, I feel like the Rimmel Lasting Finish line is underrated and isn't talked about much in the beauty community. I highly recommend these though and I think they could be a great asset to any collection especially #45.

Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Romance Mauve
Retails for $8.47 // Purchase here!

First I want to mention that I'm really sad that Covergirl did away with their original Lip Perfection range of lipsticks and replaced them with the Colorlicious range. While I think the formulas are quite similar it's some of the colors that they decided to include that don't have me going as wild. However, I have found a holy grail favorite nude lipsticks within the new Colorlicious range and it's called Romance Mauve (#265). The formula on these is very creamy, hydrating and does feel really comfortable on the lips - a trend throughout this post. But I actually like this color specifically because it has a very pretty sheen (almost metallic) look to it. You can slightly get the look of the finish in the image below.

As for the color, this is a deeper brown toned nude - comparable to the Kylie Jenner lipstick trend - but the sheen within the lipstick actually gives it a really dark pink/purple finish depending on what light you are in. This shade is unique to my collection and has quickly become one of my most reached for nude everyday lipsticks. Of course, don't forget that you could also mix this shades with others to fully customize the color to your needs. But I absolutely think this is a great shade on its own and was a great find in the new Covergirl range.

City Color Cosmetics City Chic Lipstick in One of a Kind
Retails for $4.99 // Purchase here!

At my local Winners, we sometimes get some great City Color Cosmetics set's and one of them included this lipstick with a beautiful mauve blush color. I simply bought the duo for the blush and threw the lipstick in my drawer. Until one day I decided I wanted to pull this shade out and give it a try....it was love at first swipe! This City Chic formula is the absolute creamiest I've ever tried in a lipstick before but yet it's semi-matte (or at least the shade in One of a Kind is) and give it a few minutes and it really dries down on the lips and doesn't slide around.

This shade is much more on the warm side for me and is your traditional medium toned brown nude shade. It definitely is a step outside my comfort zone. This more neutral brown shade really tends to suit my complexion best in the Summer because it isn't too light or too dark. Originally when I started wearing this I was wearing it with pink lip glosses to help get some of the pink back in the color but over time I've come to love the brown neutral look that this gives. I particularly like wearing this when I'm doing a more bold eye look because it doesn't draw focus to the lips and balances everything out.

We all love nude lipsticks, right? 

Nude lipstick is some of the easiest to wear but it can also be really hard to find your perfect nude. It has honestly taken me years to find the five lipsticks that I just featured and I could continue spending years in search of the absolute perfect shade for me as my skin tone changes with each season. From warm-toned nudes to cool-toned nudes, nude lipsticks with more pink, more peach or brown. The possibilities are really endless and it can be frustrating at times.

I'm extremely happy with these five nude lipsticks and how well they work for me not to mention that they can be mixed and matched to create their own unique shades. If you are on the hunt for a perfect nude lipstick I highly recommend checking these five shades out and the entire ranges they live in. Most of these ranges have an incredible selection and testers available in stores that will help you on your hunt for the perfect nude lipstick.

What are your favorite nude lipsticks?
What is your favorite holy grail lipstick?

*** Products featured in this post were ALL purchased by me!

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  1. Great choices! I have Essence Nude Love, I need to wear it more! Maybelline's Lust for Blush is really pretty too, too bad it's discontinued!


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