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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Have you ever tried a skincare routine and immediately knew that your skin loved it?

Skincare is a very serious issue for me because while I've found some 'decent' products I haven't found anything that completely makes my heart sing just yet. My skincare history is a long one that includes acne, Accutane, and dryness so my skin needs are very fussy and they sometimes change on a daily basis. However, thanks to ChickAdvisor and Vichy Canada I was able to try three products from the Vichy Purete Thermale product range and my skin is pretty excited about them.

In this post I'm going to share my really in-depth review on these three products:

  • Purete Thermale Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
  • Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel
  • Purete Thermale Skin Renewal Creamy Scrub
Skincare is one of the hardest things for me to blog about simply because everyone's skincare needs are different and products that work for me won't work for everyone else. But at the same time, I also like to provide the best and most in-depth information for those who are looking to go out and purchase skin care products but are really unsure of their needs and how the products will suit them. In saying this, grab a cookie and some tea because I have a lot to share with you!

Because Vichy is a fairly new brand for me in terms of trying their products I started with these products by doing lots of research about the company itself and the products that I was sent. I quickly found out some amazing information about Vichy that made me really excited to try the products.

"Vichy started with a simple philosophy: your skin is a vital organ, requiring true scientific rigor and dedicated medical research to maintain and enhance it's beauty.

80 years later, these values not only hold true but go even further. Our clinical research on thousands of women of all skin types, ethnicities and ages give us the answer on what makes up ideal skin at every stage of life. Whether your skin is affected by hormonal changes, stress or lifestyle influences, we understand that every women's skin is unique - just like every women's life is unique." {Vichy Canada Website}

Can you see why I was immediately interested?

As I've studied skincare and Makeup Artist it has become a vital foundation for me to have healthy skin so that all other aspects of my makeup and beauty journey can run smoothly. That's where the three products I'm going to talk about come into play.

Let's start with the...

Vichy Purete Thermale Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
Retails for $19.95 // Purchase here!

Skin Type: Normal
Skin Concern: Cleansing

When I'm looking to remove my makeup there are two types of products I reach for: 1) micellar water and 2) oil-based waterproof makeup remover. When I saw the Vichy Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover was a 2 in 1 oil and water mixture I had high hopes this was something that I was going to like. In regards to the texture and feeling of the product this is what stands out the most - the product does feel like oil to the touch but when applied to the skin this sinks into the skin and doesn't leave me with an oily residue or layer on the skin such as the Marcelle Gentle Eye Makeup Remover does. The other great thing about the Vichy formula is that it contains no scent and is extremely gentle on the skin similar to a micellar water style of product. It's really the best of both worlds!

However, when it comes to oil-based products I can sometimes get them in my eyes because of the slip that they have. When I got this one in my eyes I will admit that it burned - not as bad as other products but it definitely was uncomfortable enough to make me want to reach for micellar water products. And the other test I decided to do was compare it to my holy grail Marcelle Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and I actually found the Vichy option didn't remove waterproof products - such as eyeliner and mascara as well as the Marcelle option - which is also cheaper.

Would I repurchase?
Sadly, I would not purchase this product again but I think it's a great alternative for those who don't wear as much eyeliner or mascara products that are hard to remove. The real deal breaker for me is that I can purchase a product that is five bucks cheaper and performs more effectively than the Vichy option that is more expensive. While I don't think this product by Vichy is bad I do think that the Marcelle one has been a favorite for so long for me that it's going to take a lot for a new product to come in and take it's place.

Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel
Retails for $19.95 // Purchase here!

When it comes to skincare, cleansers are my guilty pleasure and they are the one product from every single line I will try before I purchase anything else. As I've continue to search for the perfect cleanser I've been let down by many. Thankfully the Cleansing Gel by Vichy was a HUGE success for me and one I'm extremely happy to say is my favorite product of the three that I've been able to try!

First off all can we talk about the amazing packaging! When skincare comes in a pump it makes my heart melt. For me, this means that the product isn't being exposed to the air and isn't being exposed to bacteria that could be on my hands (even though I wash them) or located in the air! This pump is also great because it has a lock and unlock feature so that if the product were to get pushed or spilled everything would be perfectly fine. As for the product itself, I was pleasantly surprised by the cooling gel-like texture of the product and how when applied to the skin - both wet and dry - it foamed up absolutely beautiful. Combine this physical action with the beautiful refreshing and clean scent and this really is an effective and beautiful skincare product!

Once the product is removed I like to let me skin set for a couple of minutes so that I'm not irritating my skin with lots of rubbing action. In this time period, the Cleansing Gel leaves a cool and refreshing feeling to the skin that is great for those hot and humid Summer nights!

Would I repurchase?
100% yes! This product is extremely effective at making my skin feel clean, refreshed and full of life. It does a great job at foaming when rubbed onto the skin (wet and dry) which also helps with the notion that the product is doing what it is supposed to do. There are no negatives to this product at all and even the price point is cheap to me for such an effective product that my skin loves!

Vichy Purete Thermale Skin Renewal Creamy Scrub
Retails for $19.95 // Purchase here!

I need to be honest about scrubs....I hate them! Because of my previous skin history, I've found them to do more harm to my skin - both short term and long term - than I'm willing to risk. For the sake of this post and to keep an open mind about scrubs I did give this one a full two-week testing period. I'm still on the fence about scrubs for my skin type but I'm sure many other people reading this are thinking I'm crazy!

My first thoughts when I got this product was 'oh no, the beads are going to hurt my skin' - this is completely UNTRUE and I feel bad for judging the product based on others I've tried. The beads in this product actually remind me of small tiny pieces of softened paper - which makes no sense. But they are so tiny and so soft that you barely even notice they are in the scrub at all. I still like to use this product really gently on the skin and with lots of water to make sure that the product isn't sticking to the skin or doing more harm than good. The application process was actually really great because the product itself is really creamy with those small soft beads. While it left my skin slightly red I don't believe that it had any negative side effects on my skin.

The only downside I wanted to point out about this product is that I found I had to use a lot of water  and I had to actually use a lot of the product. I would estimate I used about a quarter size amount of product and I still went to the tube to get more because I didn't feel it was enough. It was almost as if the creamy portion of the product melted into the skin and just left the beads. However, the more water I used the easier I found the product was to spread on the skin and it didn't sink into the skin as fast.

Would I repurchase?
Yes! Everything from the beads to the creamy texture of the product was really a hit for me. Although I'm still scared of scrubs I did feel like this one was really effective at helping clean my pores out and even my skin tone out and I did notice a slight different when I used this versus when I didn't use this.

However, part of me also wants to say no! Simply because for the $20 price point I feel like I'm using a lot of product for each application. Sitting here now doing some rough estimating I could probably get one month of use out of this product and that just doesn't seem like a lot for me. I personally would just rather use a face mask because I feel like it can perform somewhat of the same duties for cleaning my skin, brightening my skin and helping to remove that layer of dead skin cells!

As for the overall line of cleansing products that I was able to try, I'm the most impressed with each product when they are all used together. For example, when I use the Makeup Remover on its own I don't feel that my skin is as clean as when I'm using it with the other products - as to be expected. When I use other skincare and still use the Renewing Creamy Scrub I don't feel that my complexion is as bright and refreshed looking. In saying this, I highly recommend looking at the line as a whole and purchasing two or three product from it to use together because I think you will have different opinions than if you just used one product separately.

To finish off this cleansing routine I would also really love to try an associated Vichy Moisturizer from the Aqualia Thermal range of products - because I've heard great things and I feel like my skin is always in need of some extra moisture. Adding this step to my Vichy routine would really give me a solid skincare routine and a solid foundation for all other areas of skincare and makeup!

So can you tell I'm pretty much in love with this range of products despite a few small setbacks?

I wanted to send a very special thank you to both ChickAdvisor and Vichy Canada for offering such an amazing campaign and allowing me to participate. I've really enjoyed the products and I really think I've found a brand and line of products that my skin loves and that I love. In the future, I can see using Vichy products in my everyday routine as well as recommending them to clients for their needs. Not only do I think the products are great but I also think that the mission statement and philosophy behind the Vichy brand is extraordinary and something that you might not know from the outside looking in!

So I want to know, have you tried Vichy products before? If so, what were your favorite and what were your not so favorites? Share all your dirty little skincare secrets with me below. I'm really interested to try more Vichy products based on your recommendations and I hope that you will try these Vichy products based on my recommendations!

Have you tried Vichy products before?
What is ONE Vichy product you love or are lusting after?

*** Products featured in this post were sent to be by ChickAdvisor for a campaign associated with Vichy Canada and #VichyWorksforMe! 

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