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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Back in April I finally had the chance to try my first ever Anastasia Beverly Hills product and I purchased the Glow Kit in Gleam. Since then I've used this product daily both on myself and on my clients and I'm absolutely in love with the product. I even dedicated an entire blog post reviewing the product (read the review here) where I raved about the product, formula, colors and every aspect of the product.

This week I was scrolling through Instagram (follow me here) and Bloglovin (follow me here) and I came across some images of the BRAND NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit's that are being released for Fall 2016. According to different sources, I've found these were to be available in Fall 2016 but have since been launched on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and will be available exclusively on their website to my recent knowledge.

I will leave all associated links further down in the post when I talk about each product specifically because I know so many ladies and gentlemen are going to want to grab these NOW before they sell out. So let's jump into things...


Retails for: $40 (USD) // Purchase here!

Magically-Metallic highlighters that offer a celestial skin finish. Layer shades together or sweep them separately on face, eyes and body for a kaleidoscopic, shimmering effect. For a brightly amplified glow, apply with a damp makeup brush or sponge.

Blue Ice - Diamond white with an icy blue reflect
Star - A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum, and silver reflect
Purple Horseshoe - A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect
Pink Heart - Pearl white with a pink opal reflect
Lucky Clover - A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect
Blue Moon - Frozen blue with a silver reflect


Retails for: $40 (USD) // Purchase here!

A collection of four metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity. Layer shades of Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, or wear them separately, on the face and body for a radiant glow.

Marshmallow - Intense pear with gold reflect
Sassy Grape - Lavender with blue reflect
Taffy - A fusion of peach, pink, and gold reflect

Butterscotch - Caramel gold with white reflect

And like any beauty addict when I saw these two palettes the first thing I wanted to see was swatches! I went onto Google and did some crazy searching and went onto some other blogs who love to share new product releases like this post and I actually found some swatches from TrendMood1 - yes, I know the controversy surrounding this Instagram account and while I do believe some of her actions have been unethical I wanted to provide my readers with the best and most detailed information on this new Anastasia Beverly Hills release.

Below you can see swatches of both the new Moonchilds Palette and Sweets Palette.

When I first came upon the Moonchilds Palette I was a little bit taken back by the blue choice that Anastasia Beverly Hills decided to use in these powders. But after seeing the swatches on various skin tones I'm most excited to try this palette out. I think this palette is going to be BEST suited for fair/light skin tones - but it's makeup so rock whatever you want. Whereas the medium to deep skin tones might find this palette hard to wear as I have a feeling the shades could come of ashy.

As for the Sweets Glow Kit, this one doesn't excite me as much simply because I think there is a lot of overlap in this palette with others in the Anastasia Beverly Hills line. However, because I'm obsessed with this product I can see me going out and purchasing all of the Glow Kit Palettes in this style just to have them. I also think this palette - out of all the Glow Kits - is the most versatile for fair to deep skin tones and if you are looking for just ONE palette to purchase for your collection of Makeup Artistry work I would go for this one!

So, I want to hear your thoughts. Highlighting is a HUGE trend within the beauty community and beauty industry right now and while I've just jumped on the bandwagon and am loving it others might not feel the same way. Do you feel as if there is too many highlighting products out there now? And when it comes to highlighting and these types of products what brand - or brands - do you really think is killing it with their products?

Share all your opinions in the comments below and let me know!

As for the NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit's which one(s) are you most excited to try? It doesn't even have to be one of these two palettes but maybe one of the original shade choices is still on your wish list. For me, I've got all of these on my list and I'm not ashamed!

What ABH Glow Kit are you most excited to try?
What shades do you wish they could release in this product formula?
*** This post is NOT sponsored - as Anastasia Beverly Hills doesn't even know who I am! Images were collection from the ABH website and TrendMood1 on Instagram (linked above)!

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  1. I love highlighter, but I definitely feel a little bit overwhelmed by the number of options out there! I haven't picked up any of the Glow Kits (and I'm not sure I will) but I think they're stunning to look at. I think if you're a MUA, they'd be totally worth the investment, but for my own personal use it's probably a bit of overkill (especially considering how much I already have). The lavender/purple toned highlights are also interesting. I love those colors on my eyes, but I feel less enthusiastic about having them on my cheekbones.


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