ELF Cosmetics Contour Palette Review

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Just a few short days ago I shared the ELF Cosmetics Illuminating Palette. If you missed that review I highly recommend checking that one out (click here) before digging into this one. Because we talked about illumination and highlighting this week already it only seems fair that we compliment that with some bronzing and contouring.

Because they are like partners in crime, right?

Today, I'm going to be sharing another product from ELF Cosmetics called the Contour Palette. This palette is fairly new to the Studio Range within ELF Cosmetic and it is a product I have sought after since its launch. I'm finally happy that ELF has expanded its market and is now selling in Wal-Mart stores across Canada! If you want to learn more about this expansion, head to my previous review (click here).

Just like the Illuminating Palette, the Contour Palette comes in the same sleek black packaging with the brand name - e.l.f - written clearly along the front. On the back, you can find the product name as well as the basic information about the amount of product in the palette. Upon opening the palette, you get a full-size mirror to help with you application needs and then your four individual powders housed in their own pan.

As stated in the Illuminating Palette Review (click here) this palette is one that has the ability to remove each individual pan and move the products around. Using the Contour Palette, Illuminating Palette, Blush Palette(s) or several other palettes from ELF Cosmetics you can completely customize your very own palette. This is especially great for travel purposes or for adding to your kit if you are a Makeup Artist - which is likely what I'll be doing.

Currently, the Contour Palette retails for $7.97 (CAD) and can be found at most Wal-Mart stores nationwide. If you are unable to find ELF Cosmetics products right yet, I'm sure they will be starting to pop up soon within your store. But keep checking back because my store has had the product line for about 2-weeks and things are looking pretty bare and sold out. This palette also contains 16 grams of product equalling out to approximately 4 grams per pan.

Shade One is very pretty white shade with a gold sheen and slight micro-glitter. This shade is absolutely perfect for highlighting for those with light to medium skin tones. I also like that this color has some sheen and micro-glitter in it because that makes it really easy to use for the purpose of highlighting.

Shade Two is a pale yellow powder and is completely matte. This shade is very similar to banana powder that seems to be extremely popular in the cosmetics industry and beauty community. This powder is the one that I use most often under my eyes to help set my concealer. I can also use this on other areas of the face but I feel if you are of light skin tone or dark skin tone that this isn't going to be the best match for an all over face powder.

Shade Three is a classic matte bronzer shade. This shade reminds me of my Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer in Light to Medium simply because this shade really is light in color but once applied to the skin it gives the prettiest natural bronzed effect. This shade would be tailored best for those with light to medium skin tones.

Shade Four is a cool-toned matte brown shade. This is the classic shade that I use when I'm wanting to contour my face and slim down my features. This color has the ability to be sheered out or built up for the desired effect you are going for.

One of the best features to this palette is the formula of the powders. Like previous ELF Cosmetics products I've tried these powders are smooth, soft and extremely blendable. The one thing I want to mention is that you will get some powder kick-up with these products but you won't get as much with this palette as the Illuminating Palette. I have found that the Contour Palette shades are pressed harder in the pan and this makes them slightly easier to use. These powders are also more of a sheer formula and I really respect this because it allows me to go natural on some looks and other looks I'm really able to glam myself up.

Overall, this is another ELF product that I'm really impressed with and I'm happy that I finally jumped on the contour kit or contour palette bandwagon. I love having all four of my essential products in one sleek and small palette. I also love the formula of this palette and that it can be used in multiple looks and for multiple different reasons. I think if you are in need of bronzing and contouring products and don't want to spend a fortune that this would be your best option from the drugstore!

Have you tried the ELF Contour Palette?
If so, what are your thoughts? If not, would you purchase this?

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