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Thursday, August 25, 2016

If you live in Canada and adore Shoppers Drug Mart as much as I do then you might know that they now sell Joe Fresh Beauty products. Previous to this new launch, Joe Fresh Beauty and Apparel could only be found in participating Loblaws (Superstore) stores throughout Canada. But the selection really depended on your local and mine was always dirty and messy.

So when Shoppers Drug Mart decided to bring the brand into their stores I knew this was going to be my chance to get my hands on some Joe Fresh products. I waited out the initial launch though and really spent time reading reviews and staring at the beautiful display at my local store. And then finally, I bit the bullet and contacted the beautiful ladies within the PR agency that oversee's Joe Fresh and they were happy to send me some of the brand new CORE products that have just launched within the line.

Today I'm going to be sharing the first of many Joe Fresh Beauty products and this one is the Joe Fresh Eye Shadow Palette in Neutrals.

The Eye Shadow Palette in Neutrals currently can be found sitting on shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart awaiting your purchase for $14 (CAD). This beautiful palette comes with 12-neutral shades in a range of finishes from matte to satin to metallic. And while this palette prominently leans to the more warm-toned range of color, I also think there are some staple cool-toned colors in this palette which makes the palette extremely versatile for me.

Many of us might have noticed the lack of large palettes in the drugstore. While brands like Wet N Wild, L'Oreal and Revlon are trying to fill the gap it seems that the only thing increasing instead of quality is the price point. Many larger palettes retails for $15 (CAD) and upwards so it's nice to have the Joe Fresh Eye Shadow Palette only retail for $14 (CAD) for such a big selection of shadows in terms of finishes and shade.

Each shadow in this palette comes with approximately 0.9grams of product and are roughly the size of a dime. While this makes the shadows quite a bit smaller than your traditional trio or quad I actually appreciate the sizing of this palette for the large variety you get. And let's be honest, when was the last time we used up an eyeshadow?

Shade one is a yellow-toned browbone highlight shade with a matte finish. This shade works perfectly as a matte browbone highlight shade and also as a shadow to set your eyeshadow primer or base. This can also be used to help blend colors out to avoid harsh lines within your shadow.

Shade two is a true yellow-based gold shade with a beautiful metallic finish. This shade is the perfect all over the lid shade - among others in this palette. To make this shadow even prettier you can use some MAC Fix + to create that beautiful foiled effect.

Shade three is warm-toned bronze shade also with a beautiful metallic finish. Just like the last shade, this one is absolutely beautiful all over the eyelid and combined with some MAC Fix + to create that foiled effect.

Shade four is light peach with a satin finish.This shade can also be used as a browbone highlight and will give you a beautiful highlighted effect because of the satin finish. You can also use this as an inner corner highlight or all of the lid if you are going for a more natural look.

Shade five is a light taupe with a satin finish. To really bring that shade to life, I also recommend mixing it with some MAC Fix + and applying it all over the eye lid. You can also use this color in the crease since it isn't as metallic as others.

Shade six is a medium tan shade that contains pink undertones with a metallic finish. This is another perfect shadow that you can use all over the eye lid and combine with MAC Fix + to really bring the shimmer and metallic finish of this shadow to life. This is another great shadow that can be used in the crease or to help blend out other shadows.

Shade seven is a light baby pink shade with mauve undertones and has a satin finish. I'd almost say that this is my favorite shade in the palette because it is very unique to the shades that I wear. This shade is versatile because it can be worn all over the lid, combined with MAC Fix +, used as an intense browbone highlight and even used as a highlighter on the face.

Shade eight is a medium rust toned shade with a metallic finish. This shade is the most basic to me and the one that I haven't played that much with. It would be really beautiful all over the lid but taken into consideration it would probably create a really smokey and dark eye. My method of use for this would be as an accent color on the lower lashline.

Shade nine is a deep chocolate brown shade with a matte finish. Since this is the only dark shade in the palette that is matte - besides black - this is the shade I use most often to deepen the crease and the outer v. It's also the shade I drag down onto the lower lash line to create definition.

Shade ten is a light cool-toned tan shade with a matte finish. For my light to medium skin tone, this shade is perfect as a transition color because of it's color and finish. I use this shade to start every one of my looks with this palette and I also finish with this shade to make sure everything is blended and faded out beautiful.

Shade eleven is a dark gray shade with strong blue undertones and a satin finish and a small amount of micro glitter. This shade is also something that I just don't reach for on an everyday basis. But this is something I would reach for when doing a smokey look - in that case, I would use this all over the lid. In other looks, you could use this as a shade to deepen your crease or outer v.

Shade twelve is a dark black with a matte finish. I'm the type of girl that likes to use black in every one of her looks so I'm constantly using this to deepen the outer v and smudge under my lower lash line.

Before now, some of you might remember in lots of my posts that I raved about the Joe Fresh Single Eyeshadow in Smoke. This shade was discontinued long ago but I still use it almost every single day because the formula and color payoff is amazing. Because of my experience with this shadow and many others, I knew that the Eye Shadow Palette in Neutrals would not disappoint me. And it didn't!

The shadows in this palette are some of the softest I've ever used but they are pressed hard enough in the pan that you don't get an extreme amount of kick-up or powder when you dip your brush into them. Along with the soft texture, the shadows are also smooth - even the ones containing micro-glitter and glitter particles. However, with some of the shadows like the dark gray that contain more glitter you are going to experience some fallout but this can easily be cleaned up.

The pigmentation is another huge hit to this palette. Each of the shadows are pigmented without being over-pigmented. They are easy to work with - including being able to sheer the shadows out or built them up as desired. And of course, they blend like a dream! While many of the shadows are also beautiful on their own, I also think the addition of some MAC Fix + with the more metallic shades is going to enhance the color and finish in the shadows making them even more beautiful.

Overall, this palette gets a huge pass from me and has even moved onto my vanity area in my palette storage. This is a really classic palette but I think is also really different to the drugstore market and I'm really impressed with the quality for the palette only costing $14 (CAD). If you are in the market - or a blogger on the hunt - for a person neutral shadow palette, I highly recommend this one!

Have you tried anything from Joe Fresh Beauty?
What are your thoughts on the brand?

What other products should I try?

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