Marcelle Cream Blush & Monochromatic Blush Review*

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Have you ever gone digging through your makeup collection only to find a product that you were meant to try and review and never did? Yes, this happened to me only a few short weeks ago. Digging through my makeup collection has become a regular occurrence for me because I'm trying to constantly rotate products. I've even dedicated an entire drawer in my desk to products I need to try and then decide where they are headed next.

The Marcelle Cream and Monochromatic Blushes I currently own live there and it's finally time for me to share my thoughts and review for you!

Marcelle Cosmetics is currently a Canadian Brand and is sold in stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Wal-Mart here in Canada. But the products are also available for purchase in the United States through the US based Marcelle Cosmetics website (click here). Currently, I don't believe that the products are available to International Customer, but please let me know in the comments below if you are from overseas and have been able to purchase Marcelle Products.

The products I'm going to be sharing with you today are the Marcelle Cream Blush in Coral which retails for $15.95 (CAN) and the Marcelle Monochromatic Blush in Pink Mademoiselle which retails for $15.95 (CAN) as well.

Each of the products come in a beautiful glossy black square compact with a transparent window on the front. Each package is then clearly labeled on this transparent window with that product name. On the back of the packaging is the shade name as well as all the other important product information. These blushes also have a small hidden compartment at the bottom where they come with a brush or sponge for all your application needs. Of all of the many blushes that I own, I have to say that the Marcelle Blush packaging is my absolute favorite and I wish all of my blushes came in this type of packaging!

Marcelle Cream Blush in Coral
Retails for $15.95 (CAN)

" A mix between orange and pink. Coral is the perfect universal shade, and though always a summer favorite, it can be used during each season. This trendy color will add a very feminine and fresh touch to any look. With its great creamy formula, it beautifully blends for a flawless finish. "

One of the things that I want to talk about upfront is that this Cream Blush is actually Gluten Free and Hypoallergenic. That means this blush really is usable by anyone with any skin type. It's really great to see a beauty brand incorporating these huge qualities into their products so that no women feels left out when they are trying to purchase makeup products.

The color of this product is also a stand out quality. Coral is one of those shades that sometimes can look really wrong on me because it tends to lean more on the warm side. However, this shade is the perfect mixture of orange and pink like the description says and it really is beautiful on my skin when I'm pale and also when I've been a bit more tan this Summer.

Now onto the formula...

I've talked about Cream Blushes on my blog before and I've talked about the fact that some of them can be really heavy and feel thick on the skin. This is a complete turn-off for me. However, the Marcelle Cream Blushes are exactly the opposite. Upon first application - and every application - these have a very light-weight gel-like texture to them which allows them to really melt and blend into the skin without much effort. The perfect way I've found to apply this cream blush is to use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush or the ELF Cosmetics Small Stippling Brush and simply use a small amount of the product and build up the color as desired.

This blush lasts throughout the day, however, if you are going to be out of the house and wearing the products for 10 - 12 hours I highly recommend setting the product with a powder blush of the same color. Or you can opt for a translucent powder if you love the look of the cream blush on its own. I've used this product both ways and I absolutely love how long the lasting power of the blush is both without setting and with setting the product.

Marcelle Monochromatic Blush in Pink Mademoiselle
Retails for $15.95 (CAN)

" ...The color blends seamlessly together to give you the perfect flush of color any day or night. "

Once again this beautiful powder blush from Marcelle is completely Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic and is also Dermatologist Tested. Just like the cream blush, I love that the brand has various products with these qualities and it absolutely entices me to want to purchase more of their products because I know they are going to be that much better for my skin.

This shade in Pink Mademoiselle is completely unique to my collection and I absolutely love that I'm able to try something a bit outside of my comfort zone. This shade is a beautiful medium pink shade with more of a magenta and red undertone. There is also a really beautiful sheen to this product that can sometimes shift lavender or purple. However, this isn't the type of sheen that would stop you from wearing a highlighter with this blush. It's just very fresh and gives you the natural flushed appearance.

Now onto the formula...

Powder blushes are one of my absolute favorite to use simply because they are easy, pack pigmentation and last throughout the day. The Marcelle Monochromatic Blush is no exception. This product is a soft, silky and beautiful powder. When applied to the skin, the powder is so finely milled that it melts into the skin and doesn't leave your cheeks with that powder appearance. Among that, the sheen that this product gives makes the skin look healthy, hydrated and fresh. When applying this product, I like to use a big fluffy brush similar to the Real Techniques Blush Brush. These types of brushes really allow me to control the amount of pigmentation/product I'm placing onto the skin. With this color, it can be really easy to go overboard.

As for the lasting powder, I've tested this alongside some of my tried and true blushes and I don't notice any less time as far as lasting power is concerned. This blush easily lasts 10+ hours on the cheeks if you use the right primer and foundation base underneath of it. I also tend to apply a little bit more in the morning if I know I'm going to be out of the house for longer days. This allows the blush to fade slightly without fading completely off of the skin. I use this trick with many blushes though so I don't think this is at all a negative about this product.

Overall Thoughts...

Where have these blushes been all my life? Honestly, I don't think there is anything that I could find wrong or negative within these two products. If I had to be really picky the only thing I think I could comment on would be the price point. For a product line that is within the drugstore the almost $16 (CAN) price tag could turn some people off of the product. If that's the case, I recommend waiting for Marcelle products to go on sale as they often do at Shoppers Drug Mart and on the Marcelle website.

I've loved Marcelle Cosmetics since first trying them and it's products like the Cream Blushes and Monochromatic Blushes that really make me want to dive deeper into the brand. For those of you who have access to Marcelle Cosmetics, I highly recommend getting on their website or heading to your drugstore and purchasing these two products in particular. I know that you won't be disappointed as I never have been by a Marcelle product.

Have you tried anything from Marcelle before?
If so, what product(s) do you recommend I try next?

*** Products were sent to me from Marcelle Cosmetics for consideration here on Embrace & Ignite!

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