How To: Using The Beauty Blender Sponge!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Beauty Blender Sponges are the hottest thing right now in the beauty community and all over the world, mainly because they are very different then applying your foundation with your fingers or a flat top brush!
The biggest difference when using a Beauty Blender is the coverage you get from the foundation you are using, instead of rubbing and smudging your foundation all over your face with your fingers, using the Beauty Blender to PAT in your foundation works best, this allows you to get the best coverage possible from your foundation. It also leaves your face looking flawless and like you are wearing very little makeup. This is because when you use a patting motion instead of a rubbing your are pushing the makeup deep into your skin making it appear flawless, when your rub it in you are leaving streaks and marks on your face.

The best way to use the Beauty Blender is to use room temperate or warm water and dampen the sponge, do not make it soaking wet or this will defeat the purpose, this dampening of the sponge will make sure that it doesn’t just soak up the product you are using, instead it will deposit it better onto your skin. 
After dampening your sponge, place some of your foundation on the back of your hand, use the large flatter side of your Beauty Blender to pick of this product on the back on your hand and start slowly patting in onto your face. Instantly you will see an airbrush finished look and great coverage!

The same can also be come for cream foundations or cream.liquid concealers. If you are planning to use the Beauty Blender to pat in your concealer I suggest using the opposite end, where it comes to a point, this will give your better control over the product, won’t poke your eye and will allow you to cover just a very small area with the product instead of covering places you don’t need covered. 

I hope this post has helped you in some way.

How do you use your Beauty Blender?

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