First Impressions & Review: ELF HD Powder!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey Dolls!

Recently you know that I received a massive ELF haul in the mail and I have been testing out some of the products that I received and have found some major winners! The one I'm going to be talking about today is the High Definition Loose Powder, this retails for $6 (on and I believe the same in stores (ie: Target, WalMart, etc), I picked mine up when ELF was having there April Fools 40% off sale which was actually 50% off. So far I have tried this product out for about a week and now feel that I have formed a good enough opinion to tell you guys all about the product and my overall thoughts.

Here is the product:
 This product is the Translucent version and I believe this may come in other colors such as yellow and skin tone shades. You can view all the specifics of this product at ; However I wanted to tell you a little bit about the product from my view point. This product is VERY fine and is VERY smooth, almost as if it is made of pure silicon and simply melts into the skin. This powder also does NOT leave a white case on the face. I have only used this under my eyes to set my concealer and no where else on my face (due to acne and skincare issues that I wanted working to resolve). From the view point of simply using it under the eyes, it stays very matte throughout the day and does not move, I would also say this powder lasts approximately 8-10 hours before I notice any creases starting to form under my eyes, however this may be a combination of the concealer and powder in that area, not just the powder.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in it, not only is it super affordable but ELF also makes amazing cruelty free products, which is a bonus to anyone looking for good quality products. I believe that this can be a good staple in anyone's make-up collection and would especually good for this just starting out in make-up, however I believe this could be a super cheap and affordable alternative for make-up artists to throw in there kits.


  1. I love this powder, but I need to buy some more puffs to go with it. Great review, and thanks for commenting on my blog.

    The Vegan Taff

  2. I have very dry skin, so don't like to use powder as it makes me look cakey, however this doesn't! It is so light! I love it, it just blurs my imperfections away!! :)

    Nicole |


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