How To: Using Eye Brushes!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hey Dolls!
Today I wanted to do something a little bit differently, I wanted to focus today solely on a post about how I use and how I would recommend to use the different types of eye brushes out there. For this post I have depicted Sigma brushes, however I will also be leaving suggestions (where needed) to other brushes similar or that I use. Enjoy :)


This brush is great for applying gel or cream eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line, it is small enough to get into the tight space and also allows you control over the line, be sure to use small feather strokes for the best outcome.
This brush is another great one for applying eye liner, it is larger than the first brush but angled so it fits comfortably on the upper lash line without hurting the person using it. This can also be used to help shape and fill in your brows and apply shadows onto the lower lash line because of its flat and narrow shape.


This brush is great for packing shadow all over the lid, but is especially great for smudging color into the crease and on the bottom lash line, its small enough to get into the tear duct as well to apply highlight colors and can be used under the brow bone for highlight as well.

This brush is perfect for apply transition colors in and right above the crease, this is also great for blending crease color into your lid color and blending out any harsh edges that you may have created when applying other shadows. This could also be used as a face brush for applying setting powder under the eyes or around the nose, in smaller areas. Or for touch-up work throughout the day.

This brush is perfect for packing color onto the lids and blending color out on the upper part of the crease and into the brow bone. This is also great for apply a sheer wash of highlight underneath the brow bone. Like the previous brush this can also be used on the face to pat on setting powder under the eyes and around the nose area. This could also be great for applying bronzer down the nose and applying highlight on top of the cheek bones, down the nose and on the cupids bow.

This brush is great for packing on color directly to the eyelid, it covers a large enough space that it makes applying shadow a breeze. You also have a fair bit of control with this brush and can use it to wing out the shadow on the outer part of your eye, or bring shadow in closer to your nose. You can also use this to apply shadow on the lower lash line for a more smokey effect.

This brush is large then the other angled brush shown above and is therefore easier to use for filling it and shaping your eye brows. You can use this to apply powder/cream or gel products to the eye brows. You could also use this for a more dramatic eye liner look if that's what your going for.

Last but not least is the brow and lash comb brush and this does exactly what it says: this is great to use after you have applied your brow products to comb them out and make sure they are in the right place before applying brow gel. This brush can also be used for when you apply mascara and find that you have had it clump, its great to run through and break up some of those lashes without having to take off the mascara and re-try it.

I hope you found this post helpful in some way.
Am I forgetting any important brushes?
How do you guys use these brushes?
* Let me know so I can update this post*


  1. I wish this post was around when I was still an amateur! Very helpful, I hope some beginners stumble upon this, they'll definitely walk away from it a bit more knowledgeable(:

    1. Thanks :) I'm going to be doing a face brush one as well and then some of the different beauty tools, if you have any suggestions let me know :)


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