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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hey Beauties! I hope you all have had a fantastic week and even better start to your weekend. If you have been following me for some time now or are someone who talks to me regularly you know that I'm a complete drugstore addict when it comes to makeup. However, there are so many endless options when it comes to choosing makeup at the drugstore. I know I've gone in the aisle and stood there for minutes and what feels like days looking for just the right product that I want to try out and love. But there are so many duds in the drugstore and what better way to avoid them then by sharing some of my all time favorite drugstore products that I have picked up along my journey of loving makeup and blogging. Today I'm going to share ten of those holy grail, amazing products that I discovered - I was originally only going to do five but I felt like I should give you all a bit extra for my lack of posts lately, so I'm sharing a double dose of "My Top 5 Products Under $5"!

LA Girl Pro Concealer || $3: One of the absolute best concealers from the drugstore you will ever find. If you're looking for high coverage, smooth application, and a seamless finish, then this is the perfect concealer for you! This comes in a variety of super light shades to very dark shades to suit all skins tones. They even know have some color correcting shades.

NYC Expert Last Matte Lipstick || $3: One of my favorite matte lipsticks from the drugstore is the newly released Matte versions from NYC. These have a more shiny finish, so they aren't completely matte at first but they dry down to a rellly comfortable and matte finish. These are very creamy and apply beautifully and are quite pigmented.
Essence Silky Touch Blushes || $4: These blushes are another really awesome product that the drugstore has to offer. These are just as they say: a silky touch blush that packs lots of pigmented but that can also be sheered out and worn for a more natural finish. I also really like these because no matter how many times that I use these they don't form a hard pan (aka a hard layer of product on top). These always come out beautifully and last for a fair number of hours before needing some touchups.
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints || $3: I'm not a huge fan of lipglosses because they are just so sticky. My alternative has been to purchase some more pigmented liquid lipsticks. So far these are the best I've found from the drugstore. These are smooth and pigmented and have a smell of mint, they do tingle lightly on the lips but this does fade. They dry down really comfortable on the lips and last 4-5 hours before I find myself wanting to reapply. I've also heard these are similar to high-end versions, but I can't be certain as I've never tried those counterparts. 
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils || $5: These pencils may be a bit over the $5 mark but there something that I really wanted to talk about anyway, because I know they are under $5 in other places. These come in a large variety of shades and finishes from more matte to shimmery and glittery versions. They also can be used for a variety of different things including eyeshadow bases, eyeliners and some of the lighter shades could even be used as highlighters. These are a very smooth and creamy products, so make sure to not apply too much of the product.
Essence I <3 Extreme Mascara || $4: One of my all time favorite mascara's from all the others I've tried as to be this one. It starts off quite a wet formula at first but applies to the lashes very effortlessly. It doesn't leave lashes clumpy, spidery or looking gross. As the formula begins to dry the transfer to the lashes still stays very easy and not clumpy. All in all this is a great mascara for both getting volume and length in your lashes. 
NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder || $3: When it comes to face powders I love something that is light weight, provides a bit of coverage and is super inexpensive. This powder is $3 from the drugstore and is all of the things I was looking for in a powder. I love how light weight this powder is while at the same time giving some coverage to the skin. I also feel like this powder helps to mattify the skin slightly and it helps my makeup last all day.
ELF Cosmetics Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows || $3: I'm unsure if ELF still makes these after doing some more research on all of these products, but if they do I recommend these are something you try and pick up. I find the shades that I own are fairly light so they can be used all over the lids or for transition colors. I love how smooth and pigmented these are but I do find them a bit powdery, but I think if you can work with that these will be a delightful shadow for you too.
Maybelline Single Eyeshadows || $4: Another great single shadow that might be a little bit more available than the previous ELF one, is from Maybelline. Now I'm not a huge fan of the quads and trio's from Maybelline because I find the shadows are hard and even harder to work with. However, these singles are smooth, buttery, soft and pigmented. I love these for creating really soft looks but there are also several shades that you can purchase to create more dramatic and sultry looks.
Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks || $4: Last but certainly not least is another amazing lipstick and probably one of my all time favorite formulas from the drugstore. These lipsticks by Essence are more of a sheer feeling lipstick but pack a whole lot of pigmentation. These come in a large variety of shades with new limited edition shades being released with various collections. I love how these wear and I feel like I don't even need a mirror when touching up with these. I think Essence has done a great job with the formula of these and I love so many of the shades.
I really hope you enjoyed reading up on some of my favorite products from the drugstore. As you can see I'm a huge fan of Essence, ELF and Maybelline because all around I think they make some incredible products. There are also tone's more products in the drugstore that are worth the price tag, even if it is a bit higher. I may even decide to do a post on those products if you guys would like to see it, so let me know!
What are your favorite drugstore products?
What is your favorite drugstore brand?

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