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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hey Beauties! Today is going to be a very new post here on Little Beauty Bug and it's going to be a sort of 'Shop my Stash' style of post. There are so many products that I have in my collection that are a collection themselves that I want to start featuring some of them on my blog. What better way to start this off than by featuring some of my favorite drugstore products, Maybelline Color Tattoo's. I used to own a whole lot more of these than what you see pictured here (about 20) but after doing my last declutter I got rid of quite a few that I wasn't wearing and were drying out. Sadly, that's the only downside to this product is that if you don't close the lids really tight they can dry out really fast. I also notice that even my creamy one's are starting to pull away from the sides. Overall I wish these lastest a little longer but I understand that they don't. This still doesn't stop me from purchasing them and loving them for everyday usage. Here are the shades I own:

Too Cool; frosty pearlescent white shade with a silver undertone when applied to the skin.
Sunwashed Sky (LE); 'mermaid' type of shade consisting of a frosty lavender base with hints of blue, purple and pink.
Inked in Pink; frosty medium pink shade with a slight red and rose gold hint to it.
Beige-ing Beauty (LE); frosty light yellow/orange beige color with hints of orange undertone when applied to the skin.

Creamy Beige; matte deep orange based beige color with hints of taupe when applied to the skin.
Bad to the Bronze; frosty medium brown shade with hints of bronze when applied to the skin.
Tough as Taupe; matte brown taupe shade with a slight orange undertone when applied to the skin..
Vintage Plum; matte taupe based purple shade, almost like a lavender shade mixed with dark grey.

Deep Forest; matte deep forest green shade, looks much brighter in the pot.
Pomegranate Punk; frosty rust colored red shade with orange undertones when applied to the skin.
Edgy Emerald; frosty deep teal shade with hints of metallic yellow and green.
Dramatic Black; matte dark charcoal black shade.
So that is what I call my little collection of the Maybelline Color Tattoo's. I love all of the shades that I have and to be honest there are not anymore that I would really be interested in collecting, unless of course I finish one up and want to get something else. I love how pigmented, creamy, smooth and long these last on the eye lids. I do tend to put these with an eyeshadow primer to help further prevent creasing but these also work well on their own if you have drier eye lids. If you are looking for an expensive eyeshadow base or color base for makeup looks I highly suggest taking a look at the Maybelline Color Tattoo's the next time you are in your drugstore.
What you tried these before? What are your thoughts?
What is your favorite shade?
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