Choosing to Purchase a DSLR for Blogging!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hey Beauties! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been playing with a brand new little (big, lol) tool in my blogging life. If you've been following me on Twitter, which btw is where I post everything, you would have known that I bought myself a new fancy, schmancy camera. I purchased the Canon EOS Rebel T5 on sale for around $350. I was nervous at first about purchasing a DSLR camera because I've heard stories about how complicated they are to use and how they take getting used to and so on. I had purchased mine with that thought that if I could not catch onto it, if I disliked the images or if it didn't fit the style I wanted for myself or my blog that I would return it within the return period. Let's just say I've fallen in love and it's not going anywhere.

After playing around with the camera, I was able to learn a few basic settings and adjust things as I needed to better help me out when taking my blog pictures and images for my real life. This camera has many functions including white balance, ISO, shutter speed and so many other undiscovered functions by me. There is so many things I have yet to learn about this camera, but I am really looking forward to learning and growing with it. Here is a little list of some of my first impressions and thoughts on the camera itself:

+ Camera is not heavy
+  Produces high quality, sharp images even in 'Auto' mode
+ Has many manual setting features for the user
+ Has both Auto and Manual Focus options
+ Comes with an 18-55mm lens
+  Has the option to switch lenses
+ Canon is a well-known and good brand
+ Many books and online tutorials to help learn about this camera
Overall I'm super impressed with the way this camera takes imagery and the way that this can now be displayed on my blog and social media accounts. Posted above is an image that I shot with this camera right after getting it. As you can see the image appears crisp, bright, and beautiful. I hope that I can continue to improve not only on my photography but on all aspects of my blog so that you can have a more enjoyable reader experience. All in all, I think if you are choosing to purchase a DSLR camera there are a few things that I would consider:

+Will this camera benefit your whole life, or are you just doing it for blogging?
+Do the features of the camera benefit what you are looking for?
+Does the camera take high-quality pictures?
+Do you have the extra cash to spend on this type of equipment?
+Is this an investment for me or just because everyone else has one?

Choosing to purchase a DSLR camera can be a huge and daunting task for some people and it was for me too. I waited over a year to make my final decision about purchasing my DSLR because I wanted to make sure blogging was something that I intended to do for a long time and because I wanted the camera outside of my blogging life as well. I am also a huge believer in that in order to grow, both your blog and yourself, you have to invest hard work and money. Just make sure that you are making the right decision for yourself and always remember that you don't need $1000 camera's and computers to be a AWESOME blogger!

What camera do you use to blog with?
What made you purchase a DSLR, if you have one?

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