Branding & Design: Sweetened Sour (Lauren O'Hara)!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

First off, let's give me a big round of applause for staying on top of things lately. So much so, that I'm able to provide with you my first 'Bonus Sunday Post' of 2016! Over the last week I have been working with an amazing blogger and wonderful friend, Lauren, to create a beautiful new branding and blog design for her new look in 2016. Lauren runs a blog that is really not dedicated to anything - she posts about her life, pregnancy, opinions and much more. When we first began talking about creating a design for her blog it was very obviously that she wanted something girly but not fancy. In order to understand Lauren's branding fully you really have to get to know her and understand her amazing personality. This was a great experience for me because I had known Lauren previously to doing this design so I already knew a bit of what she would like or dislike.

When I started this design I went right in with a Moodboard. These are the easiest way for me to put my ideas down in digital form and be able to show my clients. I used all of Laurens ideas to create the design and after showing it to her, she was extremely excited to continue the design process. Each step of the process, from creating the header to designing the blog footer, was done with Lauren in mind. We were in constant contact throughout the entire process because I really wanted this design (like all my others) to be about her! I'm happy to say that I think I captured the essence of what Sweetened Sour and Lauren's blog is all about. Adding her personality into the branding was my absolute favorite part and you will immediately understand once you've read a few of her blog posts. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the girly and fun design that we were able to come up with and that Lauren is so happy with the overall outcome.

To view this design LIVE, click here to visit Lauren's blog!

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