Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Review!

Monday, January 18, 2016

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Today on the blog I'm going to be talking about what I believe is my very first Limited Edition purchase ever. Urban Decay has always been a brand that I've drooled over since starting up my blog and joining the beauty community. Some of you might remember that probably over a year ago now I purchased the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and while it wasn't my favorite palette in the world I used that sucker every single day for months and months. It quickly has become a holy grail in my collection despite my differing option on it. So this year when I was deciding on what to get as my main makeup gift for Christmas I was considering purchasing the lovely Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette. What finally made my decision was the amazing sale that Sephora had after Christmas that put this palette on sale from $70 bucks to $45 bucks (Canadian)! I was sold and I happily walked into a local Sephora and snagged this palette up as soon as I could.

Let's start off with the most beautiful part of this palette in my eyes and that's the stunning packaging. First, this palette comes in a beautiful makeup bag/sleeve that mimics the design of the palette. This pouch is a silver and black metallic finish with a durable zipper and is going to be great for traveling. The packaging of the palette itself is a beautiful oil slick type of pattern in a blue, green and purple color. Beautifully displayed in the lower right-hand corner is the name of the palette and right in the center of the oil slick design is the Urban Decay logo. The back of the packaging is just a flat black color with the name of the palette again and some important information pertaining to the palette. One of the best parts of the packaging is that this palette comes with a FULL-size mirror on the inside that stands up. This is great if you are taking this palette on the go with you and need to touch up or do a makeup application throughout the day. The palette also has a strong magnetic closure which will also help in the stability of the palette when taking it traveling.

This is where things become a little conflicted for me. Upon swatches, these shades are absolutely beautiful. These swatch to full color as shown in the palette and many of the shades are soft, smooth and blendable. However, when I went do to an eye application with this palette I wasn't as unimpressed. Several of the colors that I used just lacked the pigment that they had in the swatches and overall just didn't have much wow factor on the eyes. I do have to say the shades still blended beautifully and went on smooth but the amount of building I had to do to get the color payoff wasn't really worth the hassle. I did find that the shades Harlot and Delete were two of my favorite shades and I found that these did apply to the expectations I had of the palette. The other thing I really didn't enjoy was that there isn't really a crease shade in this palette, of course you could use Bitter as a crease or transition shade but for my skin tone and fairness I didn't feel like this was the best fit.

Bones - satin oyster / bone shade
Grip - satin light taupe (brownish grey)
Deadbeat - satin black with shimmer
Beat Down - deep eggplant purple with metallic finish and micro glitter
Pandemonium - blackened plum wth metallic finish and micro glitter
Framed - matte yellow based skin tone neutral
Fast-Ball - light peachy coral with metallic finish and pink shift
1985 - bright magenta pink with satin finish
Underhand - burgundy brown with brown undertones with satin finish
Harlot - pink lilac pink shade with metallic finish
Discreet - matte off-white cream shade
Grasshopper - grass green with metallic finish and micro glitter
C-Note - deep forest green with metallic finish and micro glitter
Arctic - teal based green with green shift and metallic finish with micro glitter
Robbery - medium tan with metallic finish
Bitter - matte orange toned brown shade
Flame - orange shade with chunky yellow/green glitter
Low - dark chocolate brown shade with chunky silver glitter
Crowbar - yellow based olive brown shade with chunky gold glitter
Delete - matte true chestnut brown shade

The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette was something I was really looking forward to trying when it was released and even to the point that this was on the top of my wishlist. I was even more excited when I saw this palette go on sale for $45 (CA). However, I was skeptical because very few Urban Decay Palette have gone on sale so quickly after Christmas. I certainly don't regret purchasing this palette, but I do wish there was just something more to it. I love the colors in the palette but I just wish there was something more to the palette in terms of pigmentation and more colors that worked well together. I think the formula and bendability of these shadows are really beautiful as well. I'm able to create eye looks in minutes that require very little effort other than just choosing the color palette I want to use. Overall, I'm not upset that I purchased this palette but I'm extremely happy I didn't pay the original $70 (CA) for the palette. I would love to know what you ladies (and gents) think of this palette so leave me a comment letting me know.

Did you purchase this palette?
What are your thoughts on this palette?

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** Palette was purchased from Sephora with Christmas Gift Money!

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